Sunday, June 28, 2009

randoms events in random order

happy birthday erika! my niece turned 7! she's already a senior green belt in karate! lol something like that!

happy birthday lelyon!!! (the boyfriend's niece)

MOTHER'S DAY. us four had a small picnic at holy sepulcher when visiting my mom.


red velvet!

red velvet!

rodizio grill & utah jazz vs. warriors!

rodizio grill was awesome. i've been wanting to try espetus in sf, but i thought it was kinda pricey. so when i head about this brazilian churrascaria for only half of the price of espetus, $24.99! i knew we had to try it!!!!!!
it was super yummy and quite overwhelming. i cant wait to go back in a year or two haha!!! the best was the top sirloin. the salad bar was also great. we also sang happy birthday to richard!

we also watched the game since the warriors were in town as well and kuya really wanted to watch it. i would have rather done something else though, but it was nice that the warriors won that night!

Monday, June 22, 2009


i know its super late to be posting pics from our idaho/utah trip but here they are:
visiting the temple in utah. beautiful!

i loved utah, infact, we all liked it way better than idaho. there was so much to do in salt lake city and although it was citylike it was so clean and beautiful.