Thursday, January 29, 2009


ok so i love it when designers collaborate with target and make things more affordable, but in all honesty, i have not bought anything yet because some i find are still pretty pricey (to me), i almost did however buy a botkier for target purse and a blouse from jovovich hawk for target. but now that ALEXANDER MCQUEEN is designing for target, this is something i just can't resist! plus, chictopians from has inspired me with their loyalty to alexander mcqueen. so now, i may just actually buy something and im super excited!!! collection debuts on march 1, 2009!

here are some pieces we can expect:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

polyvore whore

i have yet to make my own set, but these are two sets that i like from this awesome website that i discovered awhile back.
make your own:

Personal Jesus
Personal Jesus by kimmdavis

Heart Of Glass
Heart Of Glass by ♥DianaBanana♥

boys ARE good for something...

just when i thought boyfriends were useless.

you all know im no martha stewart when it comes to spic and span cleanliness and organization, im not a fan of folding clothes and putting them away. sure i try to be domestic but sometimes trying is as far as i get.

well after work, i came home to a clean room with two months worth of laundry (my clothes only) all done. and my newly washed scrubs folded and IRONED mind you!!

so this is what those men with housewives feel. i like it. but if i could, id still rather be the housewife.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

camel toe

i was cleaning out my shoe & jacket closet and i found some of my camel colored shoes. some of these ive never or barely worn. i had a thing for this color, it's versatile. but ive moved on to black shoes, feeling rockstar i guess.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


im in desperate need of lithium bc im having an odd day. lol.
ok yesterday i had an awesome day, i woke up to 2 little blue boxes, went to lunch w/ my girls & ended up getting the meal for free, and then going to a fun new year's eve party that night and ringing in the new year with my love and getting back to the east bay safe and sound. i was so happy when i woke up this morning, i updated my myspace with pics and even changed my song, my mood and headline-the whole shibang!!
then i started feeling lazy as f*ck, ending up not doing sh*t, watching filipino shows which made me miss the philippines even more and watching a fine ass actor which made me even more depressed bc ill never have him. then i come home to a messy ass house which i planned on cleaning but now too lazy to. now, i've ran out of websites to surf. and then i have to work tomorrow. how depressing is that? life seems so damn repetitive!! im sooo bored... i hope this is not a foreshadow of my year to come.

ya like the optimism?!