Sunday, December 7, 2008

everything but scotch tape

1. i feel so festive this year. i finished my xmas shopping last week. thank god. i was super excited this year to be able to afford decent gifts so i finished super early. im itching to wrap my gifts but we have no TAPE!

2. its my night off tonight and i really want to do something but also relax @ the same time, i work again tomorrow night so one night is definitely not enough to recuperate after a week's worth of work. i like productivity but sometimes i like sleeping in better. a lot better.

3. paquiao won. he's freaken awesome. he's really making filipino's proud. his generosity is such a blessing to people in need and that's why he deserves the success, victory and the $$$.
(nevertheless, de la hoya is still a hottie)

4. all this watching of filipino soaps and shows is making me miss the philippines. i know i just started my career but all this repetitive, tedious work has got me thinking how much i want to retire early and live it up in the philippines. hope charley's up for it. lol. seriously, america aint got nuthin on p.i. + i miss my dad and family. life just seem sooo uneventful lately.

5. i love xmas because it reminds me of my mom. she loved xmas, every morning she used to put on xmas carols on her old school record player. she use to get us sucky gifts sometimes. it was funny. it was her favorite holiday so every time xmas rolls around im reminded of her and it reminds me that this is going to be the 5th xmas without her. i love xmas but i hate xmas.

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