Thursday, January 1, 2009


im in desperate need of lithium bc im having an odd day. lol.
ok yesterday i had an awesome day, i woke up to 2 little blue boxes, went to lunch w/ my girls & ended up getting the meal for free, and then going to a fun new year's eve party that night and ringing in the new year with my love and getting back to the east bay safe and sound. i was so happy when i woke up this morning, i updated my myspace with pics and even changed my song, my mood and headline-the whole shibang!!
then i started feeling lazy as f*ck, ending up not doing sh*t, watching filipino shows which made me miss the philippines even more and watching a fine ass actor which made me even more depressed bc ill never have him. then i come home to a messy ass house which i planned on cleaning but now too lazy to. now, i've ran out of websites to surf. and then i have to work tomorrow. how depressing is that? life seems so damn repetitive!! im sooo bored... i hope this is not a foreshadow of my year to come.

ya like the optimism?!

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Apple said...

Depressed because you can't have him part is my absolute favorite! I want him is quite depressing. I know what you mean!