Thursday, February 19, 2009

no trabajo

sunshine and a day off calls for a celebration! i had a sudden craving for mitchells ice cream so i woke up the boy to get ready to head out to my fav city.

but first lunch at bakesale bettys: the best chicken sandwhich in the world!

i didnt want mitchells yet, and i wanted to see the beautiful water (i love views of the water/coastal routes & sausalito-i freaken wish i lived in sausalito) i remembered ripping out an article about some hidden spots in by sausalito in the marin headlands so we looked for it, it was really high but beautiful.

another place further down was a lagoon and a beach called black sands beach.

for many days now i have been craving red velvet cake with cream cheese, so i decided to satisfy my craving, i found this place quick from my yelp app on my iphone its called: that takes the cake" in marina/cow hollow, a place really popular for red velvet cupcakes. & it was delish! better than sprinkles and kara's & its like .26 cents cheaper. haha!

after, we went to marc by marc jacobs in fillmore, quick dinner at coriander for some panang beef, downtown for some shopping and ran into laurie who we ended up taking home and visiting the boy's grandma. ended up spending more money than i planned, and was not even able to get to the original plan- i did not get my ice cream!


MARIA said...

i heard about that cupcake place ;) was it good?!

MARIA said...

LET"S DO LIME!!! the wait is long if you don't have res, but it wasn't bad..but sure was crackin' over there!!! it's a party ;)