Wednesday, March 4, 2009

vajay-jays all day

unlike my personal life, my professional one is very much on the organized side.
here are my absolute neccessary items i must have with me every shift:

-a black pen
-a marker to cross tasks out (i make a to do list shift, i love crossing things out)
-my burt's bees chapstick
-hair tie and a hair pin
-my litman stethoscope i got personalized in college
-my notebook, my bible, i write everything down here from meds to dr's preferences and phone numbers, everything! i feel unsafe when i don't have this in my pocket.
-and of course my badge with my usf pin, and the nurse bracelet Ces gave me for my birthday. (missing in the pic: my watch)

awesome day at work today. dr. g admired me for doing overtime and working hard. dr. p said i had the potential to be a great nurse and that i did really well during the delivery. :) i was on cloud 9 when charley picked me up after work. & im off tomorrow. wonderful!

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