Thursday, March 5, 2009

how could i resist?

this is the best make-up bargain yet! i was debating to buy this set or not because:
-i have too much make-up, i buy more than i use.
-the make-up i do have, i seldomly use
-i dont wear much make-up on a daily basis
-im not going to use half of this
HOWEVER, 10 pieces FOR $26.97, WHY NOT?!?!?!

it's originally $58, but together it's over $150+ value. the primer alone is $36 and those brushes are $22+ each. i just couldn't let go. it's not their newest collection but the colors are pretty nice.

i also got this cute ring from nordstrom rack, i prefer gold over silver and studs are soooo in, i figured i could almost always wear this since i wear gold all the time.

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