Saturday, March 28, 2009

soi four

i love thai food, so when my boss recommended this place, and after i yelped it for reassurance, i knew i had to try it.
soi four is located in north oakland on college ave. not only was the food great but the atmosphere & ambiance was so nice, white linen and dim lighting and pillows. it's more asian fusion so the place was trendy & everyone was dressed in more business attire. oops! hehe. & we didnt make reservation! another oops.

yelpers recommended this:
Steamed turnip cakes sautéed with beansprouts & chives (kanom pak kard):
(i was a bit hesistant but it was really good, i liked the crunch to it)

me & my (strong) mojito:

Crab fried rice (kao pad pu) & Angus steak cubes wok-fried with stringless snap peas wild roasted Thai herbs (nuer pad tua):
(may look regular but the steak cubes were sooo juicy and the sauce was so flavorful)

typical but you cant really go wrong w/ this desert:

i REALLY enjoyed this meal because not only was it affordable, it was SUPER DELICIOUS and it was such a nice restaurant! i can't wait to bring my friends & family here!


Apple said...

Woo hoo! Food trippin' once again!

MARIA Santiago said...

looks yummy ;)

Jeniffer Pascual said...

there's something about the way you took charls picture, accident or not but its reallly nice. I guess the lighting in the restaurant might have added to it but its really nice! The blurry lady in the back adds a really nice touch. so cool.